Our RESIDENTIAL design service balances the aesthetic and functional needs of a structure. We give priority to the essence of creating a habitable environment for individuals in their homes. Our residential architect focuses on delivering viable solutions that make the home a haven of comfort and beauty.
Our team of designers goes beyond the conventional service of setting up the building where you carry out your business. We provide solutions that entrench your brand and supports the growth of your business in a dynamic operations setting.
Our team of Interior designers work with you to ensure you get the right experience with your interior designs Our goal is to connect with our client, so we can effectively help you express your personal style while achieving your goals for the project.
3D visualization plays a major role in real estate sales. It enables you to pick the right designs before the building is constructed. It is a valuable tool for conceptualization, design implementation, and execution of all your aesthetic needs.
Virtual reality models and animated videos are an effective tool for sharing the vision for your project or building campaign. Our team can help turn your project into an exciting journey. With the use of cutting-edge technology, our staff can create powerful 3D presentations that will make each phase of your design an effective one.
When we prepare a master plan for our clients, we provide a comprehensive outlook about an organization’s current status and what it needs to make its future a reality.
At Mazas Pantazes, we have highly skilled design professionals that will assist you in defining your vision for each project, developing a master plan, and identifying its rich benefits. Planning will help you to expand your vision and communicate effectively with your congregation.

Our policy for our church projects is that owner-participation is vital and welcome throughout the design process. Owner specific input is needed while schematic drawings are being created. Changes can easily be made at this point, whether they are function driven or cost driven.

Our design team can make any plan, big or small, as long as it aligns with your needs. We can design a home plan that will fit your style and budget.
We help our clients through each phase of commercial development designs, and this gives our clients a competitive advantage. Our clients keep coming back to us, because we deliver the full range of services necessary to generate, implement and complete a project.
Obtaining a building permit in Florida can prove to be a complicated and a time-consuming process. We ensure proper code interpretations, and help clients with their approvals. Our goal is to give our clients seamless service.